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CFFC UK Data Protection consent form
新的個人資料保護條例將於2018年5月25日實施, 所以想請閣下確認您的個人資料, 並且確認您願意英国家新家新供給您夫婦營聚會的消息.
In view of the new General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect on 25 May 2018, CFFC UK would like to ask you to confirm your data and that you wish us to get in touch with you with news of MER events.

閣下的個人資料Your information

英国家新如何用閣下的個人資料How will CFFC UK use your data

英国家新只供給您夫婦營聚會的消息, 並不會將閣下的個人資料給他人.
CFFC UK will only send news of MER events to you and we will not share your data with anyone else.

請選以下方式接觸您 (可選擇多過一項) 
I agree CFFC UK to the use of my personal information in providing MER or related activities news to me.
Please choose which way to contact you(you can choose more than 1):

閣下可更改決定,您可以在電郵中按 “Unsubscribe”或重新填此表格

You can return to this page to change your preference or click "Unsubscribe" in the email

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